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The Front Porch

Encouraging a Life 
with Meaning

Connecting People 
and to 
One Another

Here in the South where the wind

moves swiftly, but the accents are slow and in perfect rhythm, we value the character in old creaky steps, music that takes us back in time, and air, thick with humidity and perfume from Jasmine, Gardenia, and the oldest of Magnolias. Join us for a swing on the porch while listening to the Rain & Thunder, watching the Snowfall, or soaking up the Sun.

Please, take a look around, and maybe

just relax & sit for a spell.


Mind that first step,Though...

Please, visit my counseling website!
I am accepting new clients - J U L Y  2 0 2 4
The song added, "Weary Traveler," reminds me of counseling and why this has become my purpose in life. You were NEVER meant to walk this road alone.
L I F E with Lori Lee
Facebook page - L o r i L e e Counseling. | Facebook

LisTen below


Please, reach out if you need someone to talk to, or go to "View" on the Menu Strip or click the camera below, and once on the page, add your story! We'd love to hear what you and your family are doing during this unique time in history.

Homeschooling, reading, baking, any photographs of where you are...

Please, y'all, share with us!

Our prayers are always with you.

Lori Lee 

Throughout our website, we have music to enjoy. Maybe you need time to relax or want to think about a memory from long ago. Our hope is the music we share can help you in some way appreciate your day even more.

Y'all, enjoy!

We do not own this music, but it is available on YouTube, iTunes, and several other free venues. 

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